Your gifts are opening new doors for cancer care in Racine and Walworth counties


The new medical oncology space overlooks a scenic healing garden that was created through donor support.

This fall, people from across western Racine and Walworth counties came to see the new Aurora Health Center Southern Lakes – which offers world-class amenities including a new comprehensive cancer center, featuring a state-of-the-art Vince Lombardi Cancer Clinic. This new cancer facility was supported by community members as part of the Partners in Cancer Care campaign. The campaign is set to close on December 31 and is on track to surpass its $2.2 million campaign goal. Donors are helping to provide enhancements to cancer care, including a spacious healing garden, private infusion rooms, and the ability to receive a menu of cancer care options all under one roof.

THERE IS STILL TIME TO GIVE! To learn how you can be one of our Partners in Cancer Care, CLICK HERE.

Hear from some of our Partners in Cancer Care:


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4th Annual Lake Country Ball supports neurosciences programming at Aurora Medical Center Summit

Thanks to the generosity of all attendees, sponsors and members, more than $93,000 was raised to support our neurosciences programming in Lake Country.

The 4th Annual Lake Country Ball was held on November 19 at the Milwaukee Marriott West in Waukesha. Proceeds from this year’s Lake Country Ball will support the neurosciences program at Aurora Medical Center Summit.  Last year, Aurora Health Care saw almost 70,000 hospital and office visits related to Neuroscience, which resulted in a little more than 8,000 surgeries and procedures.

At the event, Virinderjit Bamrah, MD, a dedicated physician, was honored as the Honorary Chairperson. Dr. Bamrah, an interventional Cardiologist, played an essential role with establishing the cardiac program at Aurora Medical Center Summit upon opening in 2010.

Click here to view more pictures from the night!

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$43,000 raised for Aurora Sinai’s Sexual Assault Treatment Center during Tradition of Caring event

Thank you to all sponsors and attendees for participating in the Tradition of Caring event which was held at the Grain Exchange in Milwaukee. Each year the Tradition of Caring fundraising event supports a key strategy at Aurora Sinai Medical Center. This year, funds will benefit Aurora’s Sexual Assault Treatment Center.

More than $43,000 was raised to support and fund a more peaceful and private room for those going through emergency testing and treatment.  This survivor-focused, comfortable and supportive environment will enhance the broader programs and services we offer to the survivors of sexual assault..

At the event, LaRoyce Chambers MD, Obstetrics and Gynecology, was honored as the Honorary Chairperson.  Click here to watch a video about Dr. LaRoyce Chambers.

Click here to view more photos from the night!


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How attendees of this year’s Infinity Ball are stepping up to help cancer patients!

Thank you to all sponsors and attendees for participating in the 7th Annual Infinity Ball which was held at the Racine Architect Hotel and Conference Center. The event raised more than $114,000 to support cancer care in Racine, Kenosha and Northern Illinois.

A record-breaking 345 people attended the black tie optional event that honored Honorary Chairperson, Michael Mullane, MD and Jeff Neubauer, recipient of the Community Leadership Award. All proceeds from the Infinity Ball will help Aurora Cancer Care programs provide the best approach to treating the whole patient-mentally, physically and emotionally.

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Click here to view more photos from the night.

If you didn’t have a chance to attend the Infinity Ball, you can watch the recap of the night below! (video compliments of Tait Media)

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Help kids like Jaleel fight Leukemia from the comforts of home

Aurora at Home nurses like Evelyn travel all over southeastern Wisconsin to care for patients like Jaleel. In 2015, Aurora at Home caregivers travelled nearly 3.6 million miles, from Green Bay to northern Illinois. They helped over 17-thousand home care and hospice patients, including over 1,500 pediatric families.

Aurora at Home caregivers like Evelyn travel all over southeast Wisconsin to care for patients like Jaleel. In 2015, caregivers travelled nearly 3.6 million miles, from Green Bay to northern Illinois. They helped over 17-thousand home care and hospice patients, including over 1,500 pediatric families.

“I went trick-or-treating with my dad and grandma; I walked a block and said, ‘I’m tired,’” Jaleel explains. It was Halloween, 2015, and Jaleel knew an 11-year-old shouldn’t be tired already. That was his first warning something was wrong.

Finally, in January of 2016, Jaleel was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, or ALL. And soon he would begin months of chemotherapy and suffer many different infections and setbacks, like pneumonia and blood clots, related to his treatment.

But fortunately, when Jaleel was diagnosed, his mother Kashuan learned of the Aurora at Home program that allows for home health monitoring of chronic illnesses or even provides caregivers to deliver specialized care, like chemotherapy, in the comforts of a person’s home. That meant that Jaleel, who was greatly at risk of infections, could remain at home in a safer, more comfortable environment.

“When I’m at home I get to watch movies. I get to be around things that are familiar to me, it’s a lot easier,” Jaleel explains.

Evelyn Hansen is Jaleel’s Aurora at Home nurse who has been making “house calls” to care for him since the end of January. At that time, Evelyn was coming several times a week. She helped put his feeding tube back in when it would fall out. She has administered his chemotherapy medications and helped to treat numerous other infections. She has pediatrics patients like Jaleel all over eastern Wisconsin.

“Some days I drive 20 miles, other days I drive 120 miles. I love working with children in their home setting, I get to see them watching their favorite movies or video games. You get to know their families on a much more personal level,” Evelyn shares.

Aurora at Home caregivers also train family members to care for their loved ones as well.  Here, Evelyn reviews medication with Jaleel’s mom, Kashuan.

Aurora at Home caregivers also train family members to care for their loved ones as well. Here, Evelyn reviews medication with Jaleel’s mom, Kashuan.

“It was interesting to learn we didn’t have to go to the hospital all the time and family members could be with him here. Not only is Jaleel more comfortable, but I have three other children and a granddaughter to care for as well, so it is much more convenient. I wouldn’t know what to do without it,” says Jaleel’s mom, Kashuan.

Jaleel is now finished with the intense chemotherapy, though he will continue with oral treatments and several procedures still remain. But he is going back to school this month where he is looking forward to “being the phenomenal one,” he says.

And that spirited answer is exactly how Evelyn knows he’s ready, “I can tell when he’s feeling better, because he starts acting ornery.” Back to a typical 12-year-old, indeed.
If you would like to support the care provided by Aurora at Home, or learn more about the pediatrics program, contact Judi Strout at

You can also make a gift to support the Aurora at Home pediatrics program, and support the care offered to kids like Jaleel. CLICK HERE to make a gift and learn more.

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We are thankful for…

Thanksgiving is not just about spending time with our loved ones and eating a delicious home cooked meal together. Rather it’s a time where each one of us has time to reflect and think about what we are truly thankful for.

At the Aurora Health Care Foundation, gratefulness and appreciation is part of our everyday experience.

We have the pleasure of helping patients and families who are so thankful to their physician and staff who cared for them that they want to give back in any way possible.

We are honored to see donor gifts make a real impact in people’s lives, whether it is new technology that saves lives, new facilities to provide help to those in need in their hometown or a garden to inspire healing for patients.

We are so thankful for YOU, our donors, who give gifts from the heart. You are giving more people hope every day!

Happy Thanksgiving, from the caregivers at Aurora Health Care Foundation.

We want to share with you what we are thankful for this holiday season. Click on the photos below to learn what we are thankful for.





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A comforting paw is helping survivors of abuse to heal

Stephanie and Jasper at The Healing Center.

Stephanie and Jasper at The Healing Center.

His kind eyes are a warm welcome. His gentle nature is a calming comfort. Jasper is one of the newest “counselors” at The Healing Center, a Well-Community program of
Aurora Health Care, and Wisconsin’s only free center dedicated to helping sexual assault survivors recover and thrive. Jasper has had an incredible influence  on the survivors he’s shared sessions with, and he just happens to be a dog.

“We had a survivor who experienced great difficulty trusting people. During our last group session, she shared that she was able to trust Jasper’s handler. And she was able to trust the handler, because she was with Jasper, and she trusted him right away,” explains Stephanie Collins, an abuse response advocate at The Healing Center.

Jasper is the pet therapy dog of Laura Hey, of Health Heelers. They began providing
services for two programs at The Healing Center in January of this year. The first group
was so successful that a second session was offered in March, with another Health Heelers
dog named Luxe. Stephanie says survivors have often asked to bring their own pets to counseling sessions, this program helps provide that comfort with trained animals in a structured setting.

“The program is based on research that supports the idea that the use of animals in therapy can decrease anxiety and enhance the therapeutic alliance in various ways. Therapy animals can often earn instant trust and the survivors feel safe. It’s easier for them to open up,” she says.

Thanks to generous lead donors Linda and Bob Davis, the Greater Milwaukee Foundation’s Joseph R. Pabst Fund, and fundraising events hosted by Minday Lubar Price and Community Bark, which brought in more than 25 special friends. Their support means the Pet-Assisted Healing Program will be available at The Healing Center through 2017 and beyond.

If you would like to make a gift and support the unique care offered at The Healing Center, or any of Aurora’s other abuse response programs, CLICK HERE.

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