Caregivers Give Back: Aurora Walker’s Point Clinic receives $93,000 in employee donations

Every year, Aurora caregivers donate almost $3 million and over 400,000 volunteer hours to create stronger, healthier communities.  Join us in applauding the inspiring people and programs that are helping people live well through the Aurora Partnership Campaign.

Since 1992, Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic has been at the forefront of our mission to help people in the communities we serve to live well.

Serving more than 3,200 uninsured patients annually, Aurora Walker’s Point has become a cornerstone in our efforts to make wellness a reality for everyone in the Greater Milwaukee region.

In 2011, the clinic moved into a new, modern location at 130 W. Bruce Street. The new space allows caregivers at Walker’s Point to provide services to 1,000 new patients without insurance each year.

Since its inception, Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic has been one of the most popular funds for the Aurora Partnership Campaign. In 2010, Aurora caregivers contributed nearly $69,000 to the ASLMC Walker’s Point Community Clinic fund and in 2011 that number grew to over $93,000!

These generous gifts will directly benefit the clinic’s expansion, enabling them to care for new patients with expanded staff and additional exam rooms. Aurora caregivers understand the importance of caring for people in the communities we serve regardless of their means.

One patient, now a Milwaukee County bus driver, was treated for diabetes symptoms at the clinic. Before he secured what he called the “job of a lifetime,” he had to pass a physical. It was at an Aurora occupational clinic that the patient learned he had diabetes. Until his diabetes was under control, he would not be considered for the bus driver position.

The Aurora Walker’s Point caregivers informed him that it was entirely possible to move toward a healthier state and become eligible for employment. They also contacted the employer on his behalf, asking if they would remain open to hiring him once his health improved. It took a few months, but caregivers at the clinic supported him on the path to healing so he could pass the physical exam and secure employment. Today, his bus route passes the clinic and some of the caregivers who assisted him are among his regular riders.

Our caregivers’ support sends a clear message that we don’t simply talk about helping people live well, we live out that purpose in every community we serve, every day.

Every gift can change a life.  To make a secure online donation to the Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic, please visit our website.

Our caregivers go above and beyond what we expect — and we are awed by their passion, dedication and vision of a better world. For more information about our philosophy of social responsibility, visit our website.

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