Team Phoenix Week 3: Erin celebrates a newfound love of cycling

Erin Mullen is a breast cancer survivor blogging about her triathlon training experience with Aurora’s Team Phoenix.

I am a biking newbie.  I’ve trained on stationary bikes at the gym, but my outdoor experiences are limited to cruising around on a bike clad with a  basket.

Since joining Team Phoenix, I have experienced many biking firsts.

One, I got a real road bike.  My new road bike is sleek and quick.  I had to learn how to change gears and where to grab the hand bars.

Thanks to Team Phoenix volunteer bike gurus, Aurora caregivers Dr. James Marx and Nate Westerdahl, we are learning how to change tires and properly care for our bikes.

Two, I now have bike shoes that lock into the pedals.  A strange feeling, but I can greatly feel the efficiency in my pedal stroke.

Three, I tipped over when I forgot to unlock my shoes from my pedals when stopping, a classic rookie mistake.

Lastly, I discovered that I like to go fast…Zoom! Zoom!  It is exhilarating to get out on the city bike paths and discover new places.

I feel like a real cyclist!   I am really enjoying this new sport!

A quote I saw recently, “Life is like riding a bicycle.  In order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”  Ride on!

Cheer Team Phoenix on towards the finish line! Show your support of our spirited breast cancer survivors with a secure online donation to our Team Phoenix Breast Health Fund.  Your gift can change a life — and bring hope and courage to a woman coping with cancer.  

We are also seeking event volunteers for Team Aurora at the Danksin Triathlon.  Please contact Michael Johnston at 1-414-219-4769 or

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