Caregivers give back: AFS Family to Family Thanksgiving

If there is one steadfast truth that comes into focus each fall at Aurora it’s this: Aurora Family Service loves the Aurora Partnership Campaign, and everyone else at Aurora loves Aurora Family Service.

With over 90 percent participation most years (yes, you read that correctly) and one of the most beloved programs that we fund (AFS Family-to-Family Thanksgiving), there is perhaps no better embodiment of the spirit of philanthropy that is a part of the Aurora Partnership Campaign.

Last year, The Family-to-Family Thanksgiving program once again provided 3,000 families the opportunity to gather and cook a traditional Thanksgiving dinner together. As much as we all get excited about the terrific food , Thanksgiving is really about family.

Through the Aurora Partnership Campaign, Aurora caregivers contributed over $48,000 to help AFS support those families. Those dollars made a huge impact on the lives of so many people. Here is what a few recipients had to say about what this effort means to them:

“It’s hard to find the right words. I was so very thankful that I cried when I got home, now I can cook a Thanksgiving dinner.”

“If it wasn’t for you, my family would not have a Thanksgiving meal. I truly appreciate your kindness.”

“We have a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving like any other family. My children and I will never forget this meal.”

That is what the Aurora Partnership Campaign is all about.  Every gift can change a life!

Since 1996, Aurora Family Service has provided meals to over 46,000 families through the Family-to-Family program. We hope that your family will join Aurora caregivers in preserving family holiday traditions. To make a secure online donation to Family to Family Thanksgiving any day of the year, visit our website.


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