Caregivers give back: the Aurora Visiting Nurse Association

Whether it’s caring for those at Aurora VNA Zilber Family Hospice, or treating countless patients in the comfort of their own homes, the Aurora Visiting Nurse Association is one of Aurora’s finest examples of the many ways in which our caregivers change lives.

In 2011, the VNA placed special emphasis on the Pediatric Impact Fund. Contributions to this fund help purchase feeding pumps and ventilators to enable more children to leave the hospital sooner and continue to receive essential health services at home.

True to form, Aurora caregivers contributed over $21,000 to the Pediatric Impact Fund, enough to purchase 33 new feeding pumps.

That new equipment will be used to help countless patients in the coming years. Recently, the impact of the VNA’s pediatric program came into clear focus.

On March 15, 2012, the Aurora Partnership Campaign hosted a special event for top donors. At that event we met Laurie Navarro and her beautiful thirteen-month-old twin daughters Emilia and Simona, born at the Aurora Women’s Pavilion at Aurora West Allis Medical Center.

Her daughters were born after a number of complications several weeks premature, each weighing less than two pounds. After a five-month-long stay in the NICU, they were able to come home with the support of the VNA. With their help, Laurie’s daughters are both on their way to a complete recovery.

“The VNA brought the NICU to our home,” said Laurie. “They met us at the hospital, trained us on the equipment, and coordinated our prescriptions, nursing visits, and insurance. And they did it all seamlessly.”

Seeing those little girls smile and laugh made everyone’s day a little brighter. Emilia and Simona both continue to receive care from the VNA at their home, making the lives of their entire family a little easier.

That is what the Aurora Partnership Campaign is all about. Thank you for all that you do everyday, and remember that every gift really can change a life!

To contribute to the Pediatric Impact Fund, or any VNA fund,  visit the Aurora Visiting Nurse Association Website.  

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