Team Phoenix Week 5: Yoga

My kids now have an increased interest in my new sport, triathlons!

My son, in his random arsenal of questions asked, “What the fourth event of a triathlon might be?”  We reviewed the meaning of “tri,” a prefix meaning three, but the nine year old still probed for an answer.

“Well, that would be a Quadrathlon and I think it involves kayaking as the fourth event, “I replied.  “But Mom, what would YOU choose as the fourth event?” he had to know.

Archery, boxing, or fencing was among his top contenders, clearly influenced by the Olympic Games.  He was unimpressed with my final answer, a non-Olympic Sport –Yoga.

I have a new found love of yoga.  It is a great complement to the swim, bike and run training.  It forces me to stretch and quiet my thoughts, things that I rarely have time to do. The phrase “Find your breath”, used to confuse and somewhat frustrate me but I get it now.

I have found balance and confidence in a number of poses.  I appreciate the instructors who recommend that we “Do what feels right” and “Do what your body needs” instead of perfect alignment.

One of my biggest concerns with bilateral mastectomy surgery was that I would not be able to do plank and push-up like poses again.  I was absolutely thrilled when my strength returned to do Vinyasa (a series of poses) as strong and confidently as before surgery.

So even though my son was underwhelmed, I think I have found my sports:  swimming, biking, running, and yoga.  Repeat as needed.

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We are also seeking event volunteers for Team Aurora at the Danksin Triathlon.  Please contact Michael Johnston at 1-414-219-4769 or

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