GiveWell: Eating Disorders program heals mind, body and spirit

apc12-360For over 10 million people in the United States, eating disorders are serious, life-threatening illnesses – not choices.  It’s important to recognize the pressures, attitudes and behaviors that shape this often deadly disorder.

The Eating Disorders Program at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital was built by caregivers with a depth of experience unmatched in southeast Wisconsin. The dedication of specialized staff and services provided on a treatment unit focused exclusively on eating disorders is recognized nationally.

Our patients benefit from a highly individualized approach to treatment in a home-like healing environment. The course of treatment takes months and recovery from an eating disorder is a life-long process. Many patients’ insurance benefits and personal resources are insufficient to support this extensive treatment.

eatingdisGifts from donors like you help us develop programs that teach vital survival strategies to our patients with an eating disorder.

Your gift will expand our resource library for patients and their families and fund field trips to practice life skills such as grocery shopping, ordering a healthy meal in a restaurant and shopping for clothes with a positive, non-judgmental self-image. Parents, siblings, and close friends also play a significant role in guiding and supporting someone with an eating disorder.

“My turning point came last year at the end of my freshman year of college. I called home and told my mom that I wanted to see someone about my eating disorder. She made an appointment with a psychiatrist who helped me,” said Karen. “I don’t want to live the life of an anorexic. The Eating Disorder Program is helping me reach my goal.”

Every gift can change a life. Please consider a gift supporting the Eating Disorder Program, where each patient’s treatment focuses on that individual’s unique medical, psychiatric, emotional and nutritional goals. Your gift, through the Aurora Health Care Foundation, helps us return young people, like Karen, to their families and their futures.

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