New Media Campaign Launches at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center

Left to right: Nick Webber, M.D., Elizabeth Marriott, M.D. and Tanjir Bajwa, M.D.

Left to right: Nick Webber, M.D., Elizabeth Marriott, M.D. and Tanjir Bajwa, M.D.

“Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center has the innovation, the resources and, more importantly, the attitude to take care of patients better than anybody in Wisconsin.” – Dr. Tanvir K. Bajwa, Interventional Cardiologist

We are excited to share that a new campaign recently launched showcasing how Aurora St. Luke’s is a premier destination for world-class care.

This achievement is possible because of the generous commitment from our donors, which allows our caregivers to provide the level of care that is synonymous with medical excellence.

In fact, Aurora St. Luke’s was recently ranked as the #1 hospital in Milwaukee for 2013-2014 by U.S. News & World Report. Aurora St. Luke’s is privileged to offer innovative, breakthrough treatment options and expertise – a level of care so high, patients from all 50 states and more than 21 countries have sought out our care.

The new campaign will highlight how premium care is provided to patients. You will begin seeing more information on television, online videos at and print advertisements about the transformational care available for patients, including your family, friends and neighbors.

Thank you for your continued support through Aurora Health Care Foundation! We are honored that you choose to make a difference our community.

Your secure online donation to the Aurora Health Care Foundation helps us extend health care access to the entire community.  Remember — every gift can change a life!

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