Aurora West Allis Medical Center supporters raise more than $50,000 to help older adults live healthier, safer lives

Marge Hendrickson, RN, visits Rosemary Wright and her daughter.

Marge Hendrickson, RN, visits Rosemary Wright and her daughter.

As an older adult caring for a daughter with disabilities, Rosemary Wright says she is blessed to have a Marge Hendrickson, RN, in her life. Marge is a Senior Resource Nurse with Aurora West Allis Medical Center, a vital connection between health care organizations, elder resources and other professionals in the community. 

“When you can reach out and talk to someone, it makes such a difference. It makes the problem half a problem. And that’s why I think that Marge is such a help,” says Rosemary, who cherishes her Senior Resource Nurse. “With her help, I’ve been able to have a little more confidence and understand what goes on in different places.”

Thanks to the support and generosity of sponsors and over 200 supporters, more than $50,000 was raised at the Third Annual Evening of Promise on Thursday, October 10. To view pictures from the event, please visit our website.

Everyone had a wonderful time while supporting a great cause.  Joan and John Stencel won the 50/50 raffle and generously donated the money back to support the program.  They could have taken home $690, but they gave it all to the Senior Resource Nurse Program.

These donations will help grow this nurse-led program so more seniors can access the services they need to manage health issues and stay healthy and safe on their fixed income.

Soryal A. Soryal, MD, at Aurora West Allis Medical Center, utilizes the Senior Resource Nurse Program with a number of his patients. “My patients have found it very comforting to work with a Senior Resource Nurse”, says Dr. Soryal. “When the nurse visits patients in their homes, we can work together to figure out what the patient needs.”

The Senior Resource Nurse program is integral to improving the health status of the elderly within our community and reducing fragmentation of care for seniors who struggle with navigating the increasingly complex health and social systems. It is a program that changes lives!

Meet Marge Hendrickson, RN, and hear more of Rosemary’s story in this video, which was featured at the Evening of Promise event.

Every gift can change a life! Please consider a gift supporting the Senior Resource Nurse program at Aurora West Allis Medical Center.  Your gift through Aurora Health Care Foundation offers care and support to older adults within our community.   

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