Aurora’s Community Benefit programs help the underserved

When a 43-year-old Milwaukee man in severe pain walked into Aurora Walker’s Point Community Clinic, Steve Ohly realized it was an emergency situation. Ohly, a nurse practitioner and clinic manager, recalled his first impression after evaluating the patient.

“He had dark blood in his urine, a warning sign of bladder cancer. Every minute counts when someone has bladder cancer,” Ohly explained. He acted quickly to tap into the resources available within Aurora’s integrated health care system.

Steve Ohly - Walkers Point 2013First, he found an Aurora Medical Group urologist who agreed to see the patient the next day. When the cancer diagnosis was confirmed, Ohly’s team at the Clinic worked with the caregivers at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center to get the patient scheduled for surgery to remove the cancerous tumor from his bladder.

The Clinic also expedited the processing of Aurora’s Helping Hand Patient Financial Assistance Program application for the patient and, within hours, he was approved for a 100 percent discount for the life-saving services he needed.

Open 48 hours a week, the Aurora Walker’s Point Clinic serves a Milwaukee neighborhood with the highest percentage of uninsured persons in the state, providing urgent care, family medicine and specialist services, including behavioral health, helping more than 3,000 patients who were seen and treated in more than 12,000 patient visits during 2012.

Without the Clinic, many people and families would be disconnected from the city’s health care provider network. It is just one of Aurora’s many community benefit programs, which receives donations from individuals, corporations and foundations through Aurora Health Care Foundation.

“We see people every day who are able to receive the tools to control their diabetes, high blood pressure or other chronic illnesses because of the care provided at Aurora Walker’s Point,” said Ohly.  It is an honor to serve these patients and we couldn’t do it without the generous support from donors.”

To support this need within our community, make a gift to Aurora’s Walker’s Point Community Clinic.

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