Crafty Aurora caregivers give handmade mittens to warm patients’ hands, hearts

Dr. Halaweh’s oncology patients at Aurora Health Care’s Vince Lombardi Cancer Center in Marinette went home this holiday season with a new pair of handmade mittens.  


Left to right: Mary Edwards and Hannah Thyne-Bell, both patient services representatives for Aurora Health Care

During the month of November, a team of Aurora Health Care caregivers worked on cutting and sewing old sweaters and fleeces to make warm, handmade mittens for this frigid winter.

“I feel very blessed to have this opportunity to see and participate firsthand in a project that brings such joy to our patients,” said Hannah Thyne-Bell, patient services representative for Aurora Health Care and one of the mitten makers. “My wedding was in August and my husband and I decided to do a dollar dance where all the money would go to charity or foundation of our choice. After sharing this with my fellow caregivers at Aurora Health Care, we decided to use the dollar dance money, along with donations we received along the way to make the mittens.”

The team met at Aurora caregiver Mary Edwards’ home to cut, sew and craft the mittens.  More than 40 pairs of mittens were made and hung from the mitten tree at the cancer center.

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