A patient gives back through donating and volunteering

After experiencing the top-notch service Aurora Lakeland Medical Center provided for her health care needs, Marianne Young, a retired Medical Technologist, decided to give back to her local medical center.

Marianne Young (center) presents Aurora Lakeland rehab caregivers, Monica Uselding and Stephanie Kidney, with the donated ultrasound equipment.

Marianne Young (center) presents Aurora Lakeland rehab caregivers, Monica Uselding and Stephanie Kidney, with the new equipment.

“I’ve been a volunteer at Aurora Lakeland for more than year. I enjoy every aspect from helping with the healthy kids program to assisting in the coffee shop, and guiding patients and visitors at the lobby reception desk. It’s so rewarding to know that I’m making a difference and impacting a patient’s visit,” said Marianne.

Her generosity didn’t stop with her volunteer efforts; Marianne made a recent gift of a two channel ultrasound system to Aurora Health Care Foundation. The equipment is a combination ultrasound and electrical stimulation unit that will be utilized by multiple patients each day during their rehabilitation process.

“Ultrasound uses sound waves at a thermal or non-thermal setting which are absorbed by the tissues in the body in order to assist in increasing blood flow to aid in healing, decrease pain and promote soft tissue injury repair. Marianne’s gift will assist patients in meeting their goals to restore function and decrease pain,” said Monica Uselding, DPT, supervisor of rehabilitation services.

Marianne was excited to know her gift would help others, “It’s such a rewarding feeling to know that this equipment is going to help someone increase their strength after a surgery or an injury. I’ve relied on the rehab department to help me recover from two surgeries. Everyone was so knowledgeable, kind and professional – even while pushing me to my limit.”

Have you had a great experience at your local Aurora medical center or clinic? Want to give back? Consider making a gift at Aurora.org/Donate. 100% of your gift supports the program and location that you choose.  

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