A Scarf at the Bus Stop

I know – it’s -20 degrees outside, but our team just needed to get out for lunch. Call us crazy. But, if I would have stayed in my heated office, I would have missed a moment of human compassion.  


As I was sitting in my car warming it up for my coworkers, I saw a young woman – probably in her twenties – get out of her car and tie a winter scarf to the bus stop outside of Aurora Sinai Medical Center.  It seemed strange to me.

I went up to look at it and, on it, I saw this sticker that read:

“This is NOT lost. If you are waiting for the bus and need this scarf to warm up, it is yours. Stay warm. God Bless.”

By the time I came back from lunch, the scarf was gone.  Someone must have needed it.

This random act of kindness was a blessing for someone who really needed it.  It was warmth and generosity on a bitterly cold day.

This simple act of giving changed lives – mine, the person freezing at the bus stop and the generous woman who choose to share.

How will you change a life today? 

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6 Responses to A Scarf at the Bus Stop

  1. Pam Kowalski says:

    Great story today. People are wonderful. Thanks for uplifting my spirit today.

    • Artavia Williams-Sandoval says:

      Very Heart Warming on a very cold day, Definately worth repeating. Thanks for this wonderful story!

  2. Cheryl says:

    What an awesome random act of kindness from this young woman. She is a great role model for all!

    • Debra Moralez says:

      What I love about this story is that it did not take a committee to create policy. It is unlikely that hours were wasted deciding what length the scarf should be or which bus stops it should be left at. It was just one person (you? me??) who had an idea and acted on it. Simple, logical, brilliant!

      • ms69gtojudge says:

        Debra, what spiritual insight you have! Totally agree with your analogy. It reminds of me of a quote I love, “Let us learn to live simply, so that others may simply live.” — Mahatma Gandhi

  3. christi frawley says:

    I saw a posting like this on social networks, I also give back by crocheting hats for a local homeless shelter with my leftover yarn. Gives me a warm feeling to see the hats I made around town too. 🙂

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