Survivor navigates treatment & celebrates one year cancer free TODAY!

Every year Kathy Hochschild, 58, of Bay View gets her mammogram done.  “And it always came out negative,” Kathy says.  In late 2012, she thought to herself “maybe I won’t do one this year.”  But she is so thankful she did.  Her mammogram meant her doctors found her breast cancer in stage one.

Aurora Health Care Foundation Pink PossibleKathy’s treatment was not easy – a double mastectomy, eight rounds of chemotherapy, and reconstruction.  Kathy calls it a journey.

“Was it scary?  You bet.  You are given diagnosis, and then have to make a lot of decisions.  Now you are working with your family doctor, a surgeon, the radiologist, your oncologist, pharmacy….the list goes on. It is a lot.”

But Kathy wasn’t alone.  She was supported by her family, friends and her nurse navigator, Pam Lyon, RN, of Aurora West Allis Medical Center.  Pam helped her keep everything organized and supported her throughout the process – every step of the way.

Kathy talks openly about what helped her get through her treatment.

(Click on Kathy’s messages to view them larger on the screen)

Take the next step,  It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1)      If you haven’t already, schedule your mammogram today.  Find a location near you. 

2)      Help us turn the ice pink with the Milwaukee Admirals on Friday, February 14! A portion of each ticket goes to support Aurora’s Pink Possible breast health funds. Want to be the human hockey puck? Or see the game from the luxury suite with 12 of your closest friends?  Win big in our online auction!  Go to Possible to learn more! 

3)      The nurse navigator program is one amazing level of support offered at Aurora West Allis Medical Center. The support is possible because of gifts through the Aurora Health Care Foundation. Make a gift today to continue personalized support for individuals like Kathy and her mother.

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13 Responses to Survivor navigates treatment & celebrates one year cancer free TODAY!

  1. Pam Kowalski says:


  2. Sherri Glenn says:

    I can’t begin to tell you how strong Kathy was through all that. She is an awesome lady!!!

  3. Chris Lehman says:

    Congratulations to Kathy and her mom! It’s been quite a year!

  4. Carrie Kitzke says:

    Even with all Kathy dealt with she never stopped being there for her friends and family. Her strength is amazing.

  5. Ellen Danielson says:

    While Kathy was walking this journey, I found out my cancer returned. Kathy was so supportive (getting updates thru mutual friends of each other) Kathy is one of the many people who inspired me to keep going. To a true and caring person, Congratulations Kathy!!

  6. Sara Hochschild says:

    Kathy is such an inspiring woman to me. Dealing with her cancer, her moms (my grandmothers) cancer, and everything else that came her way makes me very proud to be her daughter. Even when she was having a bad day she would always be there for me. Yes there were times that we all want to forget about, but there were so many good times that happened during this whole thing. I was so glad to have her here to welcome her granddaughter into the world. She is one tough, amazing woman, and someone I will always look up to. Love you mom!

  7. Karen Shilts says:

    she is truly amazing and inspiring! congrats on the one year!!!!!!!!!

  8. Kay says:

    Congratulations Kathy on your one-year! Your story is quite inspiring. This August I will be a 6-year survivor! You did all the right things to get through it all – staying positive is key as well as having a great support system. Best wishes to you going forward.

    • Kathy Hochschild says:

      Thank you Kay Congratulations to you also on 6 years that is GREAT!!!!!!!!! You keep going as you are my inspiration. Have a great year

  9. Kathy Hochschild says:

    Thank you everyone. I hope anyone who sees this and is going through there own journey stay positive and talk to your drs, other patients and most of your family and friends. Let them know how you are feeling All of these people will get you though this. Take one day at a time, rest when you need it and enjoy the better days. To anyone who is afraid to get a mammogram. Don’t be as it takes all of 10 minutes and it can safe your life

  10. Debra Sukup says:

    My hats off to everyone to hear your stories and all your support. I wish I had some of that support 12 years ago, because it was a scary journey. I’m a survivor of 12, and I became a survivor again in 2008 from kidney cancer. Having support and understanding is one of the biggest part of your recovery. Good Luck Kathy and keep your postive attitude. Also I’ll say a pray for a speedy recovery for your Mom. Hope you Both have a wonderful year!

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  12. CSTryon says:

    Congratulations on making it one year. I just celebrated my second year. While I disagree with you on a few things—mainly because of my personal experience, what I do agree with you on is that you need support and yes, a cancer diagnoses is a journey.

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