Tales from the heart: Bringing heart care close to home

Last fall, Paul Sinklair was getting a regular physical, when his primary care doctor heard something unusual with Paul’s heart. Paul was referred to James Moran, MD, Cardiologist with Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington, who discovered Paul had a heart murmur.

“I felt healthy, I didn’t feel like anything was wrong, so it was a surprise to learn that there may be a problem with my heart,” said Paul.

An echo-cardiogram was ordered, and several tests later, Paul learned that his mitral valve was not closing properly.  In November, Paul had surgery at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center to correct the problem.

“Some heart murmurs or other abnormalities may be an early sign of a more serious heart issue,” said Dr. Moran. “We take these situations seriously and because cardiac rehab is so important after cardiac surgery, I was happy Paul could start his cardiac rehab here in Burlington.”

Last year, Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington launched its first cardiac rehab program. Today, they host four classes that continue to be filled and are looking for ways to expand the program to meet the community’s needs.

On February 1, 210 community leaders, physicians and caregivers attended Aurora’s Crystal Ball at Veteran’s Terrace at Echo Park and raised more than $40,000 earmarked to grow the cardiac rehab program.  (Click here to see photos from the event).

Paul began his program in December.

“The program is just fantastic. We do so much more here than exercise,” shares Paul. “We have sessions with specialists, such as dietitians and others, to help us take a broader look at improving heart health, and providing tools that each of us can take away and apply to our own lives.”

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The caregivers there are helping Paul and his classmates take steps to strengthen their heart and better manage their health so they are heart healthy.

“The team is here is just fantastic, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to not have to drive far away to get this high level of care and rehabilitation.” said Paul. “It is great to have this service right here in Burlington.”

To support the cardiac rehabilitation program at Aurora Memorial Hospital of Burlington, you can make a gift online or contact Michelle Weber at Michelle.Weber@aurora.org or 262-741-2382. 

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