Doctor’s Day: A daughter’s special thank you to Zilber Family Hospice

Gratitude is expressed in many ways, a hug, a handshake, or by simply saying “thank you.”  Patients and their loved ones often ask what they can do to thank the physicians who made a difference in their lives. National Doctors’ Day is an opportunity to show appreciation to the physician who has impacted your life.

We are fortunate to hear from patients or their families how Aurora Health Care has changed their lives. Below is a letter we recently received from Carla, a grateful daughter whose mother was at Aurora Zilber Hospice.

Our family wanted to let you know that there are not enough words to express the gratitude we have for the many kindnesses shown to us from all of you. Our mother spent her final days at Aurora Zilber Family Hospice and in all of the time that she had cancer; her days at Zilber hospice were the most peaceful ones we were able to have with her because of your efforts.

AUR_80617788We are grateful to the nursing staff and the doctors for their honest and gentle explanations of how things were going with Mom. You provided the medication she needed to stay comfortable and your knowledge and expertise were invaluable to us as it helped us to better prepare for her end. You treated Mother with dignity and respect and you tirelessly assisted us when we had requests.

On Mother’s last night at Zilber hospice, the wonderful RN was able to gently let me know that the end might be near, which allowed me to make the right choice and stay overnight with her. I was able to be with her when she took her last breath.

The kindness shown to our family during Mother’s stay with you, and at her end, will never be forgotten. The extraordinary care and compassion we all experienced is second to none.

Thank you all so much for your dedication, your professionalism and your compassion. You are rare and gifted people who are a blessing to anyone fortunate enough to meet you.



Doctors Day GraphicAurora Health Care Foundation recently offered individuals the opportunity to honor a physician in celebration of Doctors’ Day. Congratulations to the physicians who have been honored!

*Listing includes all gifts received through March 31, 2014.

These men and women are exceptional in providing our communities with quality, compassionate health care. Caring isn’t merely their job, it is the mission to which they have dedicated their lives. For that, we are grateful.

Find out how you can still make a gift in honor of your physician or care team.


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