Doctors’ Day: Mother-approved care received at Aurora St. Luke’s

Doctors’ Day inspired many generous gifts and gracious thank you notes from patients who honored their physicians and caregivers. Below is a note we received from a mother whose son was cared for at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center:

Our 18-year-old son, Colin, was admitted to Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center on a Tuesday evening. His first nurse, Tessa, took such wonderful care of him in addition to showing concern for me. She even checked back on Colin a few nights later to see how he and I were doing. We felt like she had become family.

We also met a nursing assistant who talked with Colin about basketball and checked in with us and Colin whenever she could. She showed us pictures of her son who plays basketball and a quick bond was formed. When she saw me in the cafeteria, she asked how Colin was and then came up to visit him later. She is a treasure who exudes warmth and caring.

When Colin was transferred to a different floor, again we were surrounded by caring nurses. Dr. Tajik’s nurse practitioner, Heather Sanders, probably impressed me the most – what a wonderful health care professional who provides a wealth of information along with kindness and compassion.

Please pass our heartfelt thanks to your wonderful caregivers. Everyone we encountered was so kind, caring and professional, but these particular caregivers have a special place in our hearts.

Colin is going home today, thanks in part to the wonderful medical professionals at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center.




Doctors Day GraphicAurora Health Care Foundation recently offered individuals the opportunity to honor a physician in celebration of Doctors’ Day. Congratulations to the physicians who have been honored!

*Listing includes all gifts received through April 16, 2014.

Thank you to these men and women who are exceptional in providing our communities with quality, compassionate health care. Caring isn’t merely their job, it is the mission to which they have dedicated their lives. For that, we are grateful.

There is still time to share your story with us or make a gift in honor of your physician or care team.

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