Hospital launches “Project Lifesaver: Neighbors Helping Neighbors” in Walworth County

14168559311_32341bc064_oCardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, saves lives. First responders are certified to provide effective CPR in case of emergency.

The American Heart Association recommends a compression/ventilation ratio of 30:2 with a compression rate of at least 100/minute. They further recommend interruptions of chest compressions be kept to a minimum and last no longer than 10 seconds. “Even under the best of conditions, those providing CPR become fatigued and the quality of chest compressions begins to decrease rather quickly,” said David Fladten, emergency medical services coordinator at Aurora Lakeland Medical Center.

The physicians and leaders at Aurora Lakeland Medical Center know that in an emergency, when every second counts, it is important to have the best tools available. That is why they are working with the community to raise funds to outfit 16 Walworth County emergency medical providers with AutoPulse units through an initiative called “Project Lifesaver: Neighbors Helping Neighbors.” The devices constrict the entire chest instead of compressing it as a person would, improving blood flow for patients experiencing cardiac arrest.

Aurora Health Care Foundation and the Medical Staff of Aurora Lakeland Medical Center raised $141,000 at the 29th Annual Benefit Ball to help fund this initiative.

You can still support this project and help bring AutoPulse units to Walworth County. For more information, or to make a donation, please contact Michelle Weber at or call 262-741-2382.

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