Man’s life changed by Lighthouse on Dewey: Celebrating 130 years of hope and healing

Mark was a patient at the Dewey Center when his life changed after visiting Lighthouse on Dewey.

Mark was a patient at the Dewey Center when his life changed after visiting Lighthouse on Dewey.

Mark began drinking when he was 13 years-old and soon found himself unable to stop drinking and using drugs while he was in high school.

“I knew I needed to stop, but there was no way I could physically do that by myself,” said Mark.

After attending the Dewey Center and support groups at Lighthouse on Dewey, he was inspired by others who shared their story.

“One of the biggest things was just listening to other people come in and speak from outside groups with multiple years of sobriety, seeing how they could do it, that really made a difference in my recovery,” said Mark.

Mark, who has been sober from alcohol and drugs since June 2013, says “staying sober isn’t easy. That’s where Lighthouse on Dewey comes in. I’m more involved now and I’m glad that I have a life and a future.”

Donors raised $2.1 million to transform what was once a hospital president’s home into a place of healing and sobriety. The Lighthouse on Dewey is the newest addition to the legacy of care provided at Aurora Psychiatric Hospital and Mark’s story will be shared at the Sept. 13 There is Light Gala. Since opening its doors in January 2014, this newly renovated meeting space has been used seven days a week by an average of 15 to 20 support groups, with more than 500 individuals participating in weekly meetings.

Today, Mark gives back and shares his story of recovery with others at the Lighthouse. His goal is to inspire others facing addiction so they know they’re not alone. “I want to give others hope – especially younger people — and help them know they can do this,” said Mark.

September is National Recovery Month. Join Mark in supporting Lighthouse on Dewey. Make a gift online or call Judi Strout at 414-615-5935. Learn more about the Lighthouse on Dewey transformation. 

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