“I trust him with my life”: Making a Difference in Cardiac Care

Several generations of Bonnie's family have chosen Dr Monahan as their family physician.

Several generations of Bonnie’s family have chosen Dr. Monahan as their family physician. Pictured are Rich Green- husband, Richard Green- son, Bonnie Green, Hannah Green- granddaughter, and Amber Green- daughter

Heart disease runs in Bonnie Green’s family. And when she says “runs in the family” she means: her mother, father, aunt and many cousins. It’s something that’s always in the back of her mind, “I am very concerned with heart disease. I worry. My dad died at 60 and my mom was 70.” Bonnie also has diabetes, kidney disease and high cholesterol.

Dr. James Monahan has been practicing medicine for over 40 years.

Dr. James Monahan has been practicing medicine for over 40 years.

Which is why Bonnie was so relieved in 1995 to find Dr. James Monahan, an Aurora Health Care Internist who specializes in Cardiology and is based out of Gurnee, IL. “He’s easy to talk to and he listens,” explains Bonnie. “Where other doctors that we’ve gone to, they were in a hurry. They didn’t have time for you, he always makes time for you.”

It’s no wonder patients describe Dr. Monahan as a good listener, his approach to medicine is simple: Be of service to the patient. “Before you go in the door, “ Dr. Monahan says, “the thought you have is, what can you do constructive for the person on the other side of the door?”

His insight over the years has been incredibly helpful for patients like Bonnie, she gets emotional talking about how much he’s truly looking out for her. “I feel Dr. Monahan takes excellent care,” Bonnie says, as she wipes away a tear. “He makes sure I’m doing well. Because he is aware of my family history. So I trust him. I trust him with my life.”

Infinity BallIt is because of doctors like Dr. Monahan that we dedicate the proceeds of this year’s Infinity Ball to further advance cardiovascular services at Aurora Medical Center Kenosha. Please join us for the 5th annual Infinity Ball on October 18 and help support patients like Bonnie in the Kenosha area. Go to give.aurora.org/infinityball to donate or learn how to attend.

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