Honor breast cancer survivors… like Jacqi

Jacqi Acker

Jacqi Akert, NP from Aurora Health Center in Waukesha

Jacqi Akert, a Nurse Practitioner at Aurora Health Center in Waukesha, is a shining light who reminds us that breast cancer can happen to anyone. 

“I’ve been a nurse practitioner for more than 30 years in women’s health, and when I received my diagnosis, I was shocked,” Jacqi recalls. ” I thought I was immune to this and remember thinking, ‘this wasn’t supposed to happen to me.'”

Three years and five months cancer-free, Jacqi not only beat breast cancer, but also completed the Team Phoenix survivorship program. And her cancer journey has strengthened her outlook for those she serves.

“As a survivor, I’ve become a stronger advocate for those in need, “Jacqi says.

Jacqi, thank you for sharing your story and for being a champion in the fight against breast cancer!

Read from more breast cancer survivors who are also Aurora Caregivers and support local breast cancer programming by giving to Pink Possible.

Visit aurora.org/pinkpossible to learn more!

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