How a bond over books turned into a battle against breast cancer


Pictured are Hope Walk members (from left) Carrie Swatek, Sue Harris, Rosemary Gardner and Wendy Nowak. They are presenting the check to Aurora Health Care’s Lisa Just and Michelle Weber.

The ladies of the Lake Geneva book club have been getting together to read books, share ideas and just enjoy each other’s company for years. But in 2008, when one of their members was diagnosed with breast cancer, they took it personally. They decided to use their bond over books as a way to fight back.

Fortunately, their book club member was diagnosed early and had the necessary health insurance to cover her treatments. But they knew many women are not that fortunate. So they put down their books and went for a walk. In fact, they started the Lake Geneva Hope Walk. 

They’ve now organized this walk for seven years and have raised a total of $81,000 to fight breast cancer! This year’s event was held September 27 along the Lake Geneva shore path, and they raised $15,000 for Aurora Health Care’s Breast Treatment Assistance Program. Thank you so much ladies for all your hard work!

To learn more about the women helped by the Breast Treatment Assistance Program, read Mary Ellen’s story here. If you would like to support women like Mary Ellen, go to to learn more or make a gift!

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