How your gifts helped families in need have a Happy Thanksgiving

DorothyDorothy braves traffic as she crosses fresh snow, carrying a bag of Thanksgiving groceries to her car. Working six hours a week, she says she wouldn’t have had much this Thanksgiving. “It means a lot to me what they’re doing here (at Aurora Family Service). Without them, I wouldn’t have a Thanksgiving,” Dorothy says.

She is one of hundreds of people who waited in line to personally pick up a Thanksgiving meal on Monday, November 24. Earlier in the day, Aurora Family Service staff and volunteers also handed out thousands of bags full of groceries to local community organizations who will distribute them to families in need.

JaneP _R_ near turkeys-LineThis year the Family to Family Thanksgiving program provided 3,100 families with this special holiday meal. The bags were filled with fruit, mashed potatoes, stuffing, butter and they even provided a turkey and roasting pan, too.

Joann knows the impact the program has. This was her third year receiving the groceries; she says this help allows her to have a Thanksgiving meal with her grandchildren. She and her friendL_Joann Diggs_R_Jeannetta Washington Jeannetta often help each other during tough times. Joann told Jeannette about the Family to Family Thanksgiving program.

“I work very little, and I’m going back to school, ” Jeannetta says. “It is a blessing that people have the heart and care about other people’s well being.”

SophiaSophia learned about the program during a visit to Aurora Family Service. She lost her job while she was battling breast cancer in 2009. Though she is in remission, she is still recovering while caring for her daughter. She says the generosity of the effort helps reinforce the meaning of Thanksgiving.

“That’s the day you give thanks and reflect on being thankful for what you have. I’d like to say thank you very much for everything… This means a lot to me,” says Sophia.

It’s not too late to support Aurora Family Service’s Family to Family Thanksgiving program. CLICK HERE to donate or call (877) 460-8730. Remember, a gift of $35 feeds a family of four.

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One Response to How your gifts helped families in need have a Happy Thanksgiving

  1. Cheryl says:

    As a former employee of a local Soup Kitchen in Kenmosha, this story warms my heart more than you can imagine. Thank you for helping and sharing this with everyone! I would love to volunteer if ever you would need more hends to help!

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