Donors help purchase a new mapping system to treat heart arrhythmias

Dr. Ryan Cooley says the new mapping system will cut down on the need for repeat procedures.

Dr. Ryan Cooley says the new mapping system will cut down on the need for repeat procedures.

February is American Heart Month, and we’re celebrating some exciting achievements in heart health at Aurora Health Care, made possible by donors like you!

Thanks to generous gifts from people in Ozaukee County and beyond,  nearly $59,000 was raised in 2014 to help purchase a new cardiac mapping system at Aurora Medical Center in Grafton. This technology gives physicians like Ryan Cooley, MD, an electrophysiologist, the latest tools to treat heart arrhythmias. The mapping system is used for a procedure called a cardiac ablation, where the tissue in the heart that triggers an abnormal heart rhythm is scarred or destroyed.

P1000398“It’s a great advance,” Dr. Cooley says. “It creates really accurate maps, 3-dimensional structures of the chamber you’re trying to treat. And it comes with catheters that help you to make sure the treatment you’re delivering is effective.”

P1000400 The new catheters have something called “contact force sensing” that helps determine the exact force between the catheter and the tissue.

“We know from studies you need a certain amount of force for that lesion to be permanent. So this system will help cut down on the need for repeat procedures which then cuts down on risk to patients, and also cost,” explains Dr. Cooley. Prior to this, patients had to make a trip to Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee for this procedure, as it’s the only other Aurora hospital with this technology.

You can support efforts like this by going to Next year’s Live Well Ozaukee event is already planned for Friday, August 14 and will benefit emergency medical services in Ozaukee County. To learn more, call 262-329-1070.

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