Year-long celebration for Aurora Zilber Family Hospice’s 10th anniversary

Zilber cakeAurora Zilber Family Hospice is proud to celebrate its 10th anniversary of serving patients and families. There are events taking place throughout the year to celebrate this milestone and raise money to support Zilber Family Hospice.

Since Zilber Family Hospice opened, caregivers have provided care and offered support to hundreds in the community. We often receive letters from family members about their experience. Here’s a letter from one grateful son, Adam, whose mother stayed at Zilber Family Hospice:

I am currently sitting next to my mother who has a life expectancy of hours to days. Her breathing is slow and shallow but she is clearly comfortable and at peace. Sixteen days ago she said her nightly prayers with my stepfather, went to sleep and has not woken since.

My mom is a young 67. As a neighbor said in tears this week, “She made the world a better place.” During our time at Aurora Zilber Family Hospice, we have had many visitors come in shock and leave with wet eyes. It was all very sudden and leaves a gaping hole in many lives. There is no cushioning a blow like this, but I cannot say enough about the care at this facility.

I can’t possibly list all of the nurses, staff and the wonderful chef who have gone above and beyond. I am from Philadelphia and have been living in my mom’s room for a week. This has literally become my Milwaukee home. In an odd way, it is peaceful for me here, even with my mother’s life nearing the end. It’s the small things like comfortable chairs, a hot shower, good food, and birds at the feeder that make immeasurable differences.

I watch her chest rise and fall, and jump at every pause. This is unquestionably the worst experience of my life. There is this awful balance between wanting this to be over and not wanting her to be gone. There will be no happy ending here, but she is comfortable and peaceful. I cannot express how important it is to know she is not suffering and is cared for around the clock.

I have also come to see that although my mom is the patient here, in many ways, we are the ones being attended to. The care is not just for the patient, but is extended to the entire family. I don’t have the words that truly fit how I feel about the Zilber hospice. Simply, I am grateful. The care and professionalism is excellent and because of that, our transition will be smoother and our grief cleaner.

FINAL Postcard

Generous donations make it possible for people, like Adam, to focus on spending time with his mother and honoring her life, instead of worrying about the details related to her care.

Want to join us for Aurora Zilber Family Hospice’s 10th anniversary celebration? Click here for more information about event activities or click here to make a donation. 



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3 Responses to Year-long celebration for Aurora Zilber Family Hospice’s 10th anniversary

  1. Candy-Sue Jabkiewicz (Reid) says:

    After reading Adam’s story, I can definetly relate. My mother was at Zilber the last week of March 2015. I practically lived at Zilber that last week. The staff are so thoughtful, when mom was brought in from the hospital they took the time to clean her up before I came in. Although mom was non-communicative the CNA that was cleaning her up (when I came in) was shaving off the new mustache and beard mom acquired while on prednisone. Mom would have wanted to shave this herself had she been able and knowledgeable about it. I would never given it a thought as I was thinking of all the other things i needed to do. What a thoughtful person this CNA is. I was so impressed by this gesture of caring for my mother.
    It turned out the CNA and I built a repore over the short time mom was there. The CNA was with me in the room when mom took her last breath. She made sure to make mom presentable and help me feel at ease staying in the room waiting for my family to arrive.
    The full staff were always wonderful and helpful. I cannot say enough about the experience.

  2. Ellie Ewens says:

    My grandmother passed away at Zilber in January of 2012. She spent 8 days there and was happy and comfortable the entire time. She was always a proud person, so it meant a lot to her that her caregivers kept her clean, styled her hair, applied her make-up and favorite lotion. There was not a moment that she was alone and everyone who worked there was so kind and considerate of all of our extended family. She passed away peacefully surrounded by love.

  3. Sandy Mueller says:

    My brother Mike survived 13 years with a brain tumor. The last 3 months of his life were spent at Zilber. A friend mentioned what a wonderful place it was when her father was there years ago. She was right! Not only was Mike treated well, but the entire family felt the comfort, safety, and warmth of this amazing place. Six weeks later our Mother went to Zilber and as we entered the facility the same staff that lovingly cared for Mike were waiting with open arms for us! They didn’t forget us and we will never forget them. So this weekend we will walk for Zilber. We will be there for them because they were there for us! THANK YOU ZILBER FAMILY AND ALL THE CARING STAFF!

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