Do YOU know CPR? The campaign that aims to save lives

IMG_1486Aurora Health Care is excited to partner with Kohler Credit Union and offer free CPR training in Mequon on Monday, June 8. This training, called Family & Friends CPR Anytime, is completely free and open to the public. Dr. Steven Zils, the Out of Hospital Medical Director for Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, will be there to offer instruction and also explain how this training is a part of Aurora Health Care Foundation’s new campaign, When Minutes Matter Campaign. To learn more about the training or to RSVP, please CLICK HERE.

EMS- Dr Zils

Steven Zils, MD, is the Out of Hospital Medical Director at Aurora Medical Center in Grafton

The When Minutes Matter Campaign engages the community to help raise $650,000 to strengthen and empower people in Ozaukee County and its neighboring communities with lifesaving tools during the critical time that lapses from when a 911 call is made to when Emergency Medical Services arrive.

Every day, emergency responders meet people who never imagined they would need their services that day. A medical emergency can happen to anyone at any given time- a heart attack, a car crash, the birth of a baby, etc. If it’s you or a loved one in need of urgent care, you want help to respond to you as soon as possible. Unfortunately, in rural communities, that response often takes longer.

In Ozaukee County, that response time averages 11 minutes, almost double the national average. Dr. Zils explains why every minute matters, “If a patient in cardiac arrest doesn’t have a pulse restored before they get to the hospital, they have a less than 1% chance of survival. If an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) gets a pulse on the scene before they get the person to the hospital their chance of survival is greatly increased.”

That’s why Aurora Health Care Foundation is launching the When Minutes Matter campaign, to bring the entire community together to eliminate those critical moments that a patient goes without care while waiting for emergency responders to arrive. The campaign focuses on:

  • Creating a New Emergency Medical Dispatch
  • EMS Support Vehicle
  • Expand Community CPR Automated External Defibrillator (AED) trainings
  • Purchase of new AED devices
  • Advanced Life Support: Simulation Training

The statistics around cardiac arrest illustrate the campaign’s importance. The national survival rate for out of hospital cardiac arrest is only 5%. This, despite all of the advances in medicine, has remained nearly unchanged for the last several decades. But Dr. Zils says there are areas in the country that have been able to change that.

“The most well-known is King County in Washington State. Their cardiac arrest survival rate hit an all-time high of 62% in 2013. That’s because they implemented a system like this. So you go from around 5% to 62% if you can put all of the pieces together,” he says.

This campaign involves the entire community- citizens, emergency responders, community volunteers, donors and more. Whether on the phone, or at a scene of an emergency, we hope to bridge the gap from the time of a 911 call to the first steps in providing critical care, no matter the emergency. To learn more or make a gift, go to

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