See why Dr. Nicholas Webber is a true “warrior” against cancer

Dr Webber speaking

Dr. Nicholas Webber, speaking at the 2014 Lombardi Walk to Tackle Cancer at the Milwaukee County Zoo

They are known as the “Sarcoma Warriors” and they are often the largest team to participate in the Lombardi Walk/Run to Tackle Cancer at the Milwaukee County Zoo. In fact, in the last three years, these Warriors have raised nearly $40,000 in the fight against cancer! And if you consider them to be warriors, then Nicholas Webber, MD, would have to be the General with the plan for war. Their common enemy: cancer. For these warriors, it’s specifically sarcomas.

Dr. Webber specializes in orthopedic oncology, including the diagnosis and treatment of primary benign and malignant tumors of bone and soft tissue, or “sarcomas”. And many of the warriors are his current and former patients that he’s drafted to join the fight. But when it comes to fighting cancer, Dr. Webber says building up an army isn’t really that tough.

“The type of cancer I treat affects so many young, and also vibrant older people, and they are often very motivated to get better. They have so much to live for. That helps to make it a very rewarding specialty to me,” he explains.

A group picture of the

A group picture of the “Sarcoma Warriors” from the walk in 2013.

Dr. Webber credits those “star patients” for taking on a very active role in recruiting their friends and family members to participate each year. The goal for the 2015 team is to get 250 walkers and runners to join them. Dr. Webber says it has become one of his favorite days of the year.

“Not only do I love to see all of the patients and their families together, I like to see all the new faces at the event. When I’m there it really is not as a physician, but as someone supporting the patients who are dealing with their disease, on a day when we can all be a part of something bigger than ourselves,” he says.

pg. 8- Lombardi Walk imageIn 2014, Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation donated $260,000 to Aurora Cancer Care programs as a result of cancer walks in three different communities. This year, they have grown to a total of 5 cancer walks, in communities near you. To learn more, start your own team, or to make a gift to the “Sarcoma Warriors”, go to

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