Without alcohol Martha is living for today

Labyrinth located on the Aurora Behavioral Health Services campus.

Martha struggled with alcohol dependence for nearly 20 years. At 64 years old she had already participated in many programs with periods of sobriety ranging from four months to four years. 

Martha began to realize that drinking was taking a toll on her relationships. Her daughters no longer spoke to her and they wouldn’t allow her to spend with time her grandchildren.

During one of Martha’s periods of sobriety, her husband (who was also an alcoholic) passed away. Three months later she started binge drinking which continued until she was admitted to Aurora’s Inpatient Program

Within a few months, Martha began drinking again but she didn’t disclose her use with her therapist or peers in the weekly group meeting. She was also struggling with depression and loneliness which she hid from others. The turning point came when Martha’s drinking progressed and she was hospitalized because she nearly died. 

After Martha was released from the hospital, she was admitted to Aurora’s Partial Hospital Program for mood stabilization. Upon her completion of the program, Martha returned to weekly group meetings and openly discussed the recent relapse that nearly killed her. Additionally, she worked hard to be more honest about her feelings and cravings during group.

Martha is proud to share that she has been sober for more than two years. “I have too much to live for. I have repaired my relationship and rebuilt trust with my daughters. And I even get to see my grandchildren and spend time with them now,” Martha said.  

Aurora Psychiatric Hospital is located on a beautiful, 30-acre wooded campus in Wauwatosa, Wis. With specialized programming for children, adolescents and adults for a variety of mental health and substance issues, a unique patient-centered approach to behavioral health care is offered. 

Every gift can change a life. Please consider a gift supporting Aurora Psychiatric Hospital through Aurora Health Care Foundation. Your generosity helps people like Martha during treatment and during the recovery journey. 

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