The spirit of Aurora St. Luke’s

Marie Golanowski, president Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center with Cristy Garcia-Thomas, Aurora Health Care Foundation President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Marie Golanowski, President Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center with Cristy Garcia-Thomas, Aurora Health Care Foundation President and Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer.

Aurora Health Care Foundation President Cristy Garcia-Thomas recently sat down with Marie Golanowski, President of Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center to talk about how Aurora St. Luke’s is on the forefront of research, technology and why it is so important to our communities.

Cristy: While Aurora St. Luke’s is based in Milwaukee, many people travel here from across Wisconsin and around the world. What draws them here?

Marie: The expertise and reputation of our physicians and nurses, as well as the overall exceptional care people receive here. We have leading-edge research and technology available to patients delivered in an integrated and comprehensive care model.

This is a part of the culture at Aurora St. Luke’s and it is reflected by caregivers at every level. Our support service caregivers understand the important part they play to keep our campus safe and clean; our facilities in good condition, our volunteers who give their time freely and without reservation. I could go on and on about everyone who makes Aurora St. Luke’s a great place.

Cristy: What makes you the most proud of Aurora St. Luke’s?

Marie: The commitment of our physicians and all clinical and non-clinical caregivers; they are never satisfied with status quo. Their compassion and kindness to each other and all who enter our doors inspires me every day.

Cristy: There is a history of caregivers staying at Aurora St. Luke’s. Why do you think that is?  

Marie: I believe there are three main reasons why caregivers stay here. It is the sense of community and support received for and from each other; the sense that they are truly making a difference each time they walk through our doors; and the complexity of the care we provide helps to push and encourage them to grow.

Cristy: Do you have a favorite patient story?

Marie: I have so many memorable patient stories that it is difficult to choose. Like many of our caregivers, my family members, including my husband have received care here. They have received care that has changed the course of their health, or saved their life.  Each of our patients and families has an important story to tell and each one is my favorite because we made a difference for them.

Cristy: Is there anything you would like to say to our donors? 

Marie: There are no words to thank the people who helped us become who we are today and for many, their families have continued that generosity. Donations help to advance care and fund the technology and research to keep us on the cutting-edge. It is this support and trust that allows Aurora St. Luke’s to continue on this journey of being a leader in health care. 

It’s an honor to be a part of a health care system that provides exceptional care and is dedicated to leading the way in shaping tomorrow’s medical advancements. We couldn’t do it without our donors, physicians, caregivers and volunteers.

Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center is celebrating its legacy of providing exceptional care and being on the forefront of the next medical discovery. Click here to make a gift through Aurora Health Care Foundation to advance health care and provide quality access to care. 

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