Why people go “out of the way” to receive care at Aurora West Allis Medical Center

Imagine running on a treadmill when you very suddenly get dizzy and pass out. It sounds pretty scary, doesn’t it? Well it’s happened to Kristen Talbott. She’s had numerous unexplained syncope episodes, which is basically fainting or passing out, and there’s nothing she can do about it when it happens.

“What’s been most alarming for me are the injuries after I pass out. I’ve had a concussion, stitches in my head, a fractured ankle and many bumps and bruises,” Kristen explains.


Kristen works in Oak Creek but chooses to get care at Aurora West Allis Medical Center.

Although Kristen doesn’t live or work in West Allis, she has made the choice several times to go out of her way to their Emergency Department to receive care.

“As long as I’m conscious, I will make the decision to go there,” she jokes. Kristen says it’s because of the compassionate caregivers and the timeliness of care she receives at Aurora West Allis.

“I feel like the employees take pride in what they do. They know when it’s appropriate to have fun, when to be professional, it’s a good balance. I haven’t had that kind of experience at other hospitals,” she explains. Kristen has even recommended the Aurora West Allis Emergency Department to her family, friends and neighbors.

It’s why she plans to attend Evening of Promise on Wednesday, October 7. Proceeds from the evening will benefit a partial renovation of the Aurora West Allis Medical Center Emergency Department. The ED was constructed to meet the needs of a community over 20 years ago. Today, that community has grown and the ED serves nearly 37,000 patients a year.

“We’ve seen a real increase in volume the last seven years. We always serve people in a timely manner but sometimes patients are waiting in a hallway instead of a room and there isn’t space for their family members. It’s not always as private as we would like it to be,” explains Amy Kuehni, a Registered Nurse who works in the ED.

LINKEDIN...EOP-logoKristen believes it’s important that patients and the greater West Allis community support the renovations, “Sooner or later someone in this community will likely need emergency medical care. And when you do, you want to get top-notch care that’s close to home.”

If you would like to join Kristen in supporting the ED renovation efforts, you can purchase a ticket to Evening of Promise by CLICKING HERE. For questions or to learn more, contact Adam Martin at Adam.Martin@aurora.org.

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