Family to Family Thanksgiving: How much your gift means to families in need

Joann and Jeanetta are two grateful recipients from last year.

Joann and Jeanetta are two grateful recipients of groceries from last year’s Family to Family Thanksgiving program.

Most of us have a favorite Thanksgiving food, the thing you look forward to on the dinner table year after year. Maybe it’s your mom’s stuffing or the way your grandmother cooks the turkey; how does it taste so good every single year? Well it’s probably because it isn’t just about the food but the people who made it. Spending that time with your grandparents, parents, cousins and other friends and loved ones is priceless.

But some families won’t be able to make those memories this year. Maybe someone lost a job, suffered a health crisis, or has just fallen on hard times. That’s why Aurora Family Service’s Family to Family Thanksgiving program is so important. For just $35 you can help make sure other families get to enjoy those traditions and make memories with their loved ones as well. $35 is all it takes to provide a full Thanksgiving meal for a family of four.

FTFThanksgivingHere’s how important this program was for families last year:

“It helps us have a nutritious meal and be able to have the family together and enjoy each other. Also, to give thanks to God and the staff members of Aurora Family Service for making this possible for me and my family.”- Mary

“I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. I usually did all the cooking for my family. This bag was given and I was able to give it to my mother to keep our tradition of family cooking and dinner going.”- D.

“Thank you each and every one of you. We had a great dinner. We all stood around in a circle and said why we were thankful for this meal and this day. I wish I could shake hands with each of you all personally.”- Annie

“Right now I am a single mother of three. My oldest I have is adopted and I had two little ones after. With working, school, and being very busy, it was awesome to receive a meal for us to enjoy. This is the time we can sit without the hustle and bustle of errands and enjoy a meal. Thank you! It helped us in many ways.”- V.

You can help ensure other families just like these have a wonderful Thanksgiving meal to enjoy together this year. Please go to to make a gift and learn more.

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