$132,000 raised at Lake Country Gala to purchase SimBaby

23403826986_96b0643a67_oThank you to sponsors and attendees of the 3rd Annual Lake Country Gala event for raising more than $132,000 to purchase a SimBaby, an advanced infant patient simulator.

The event was held on Saturday, November 21 at Marriott Milwaukee West in Waukesha.

Click here to see more pictures from the event.

The SimBaby will provide continued education efforts to strengthen the skills of our caregivers dedicated to infant care. The lifelike infant simulator allows for realistic, repetitive practice on skills to address medical conditions for infants. SimBaby will enhance skills, including airway management, breathing, circulation, defibrillation, vascular access and anatomy.

Additionally, SimBaby will be utilized in the community to train emergency responders who may have to deliver babies outside of Aurora Medical Center in Summit. It’s critical that all caregivers involved in labor and delivery receive important training for birthing emergencies.

Please watch the video to learn more about the need for SimBaby and how it will be used in the community. Special thanks to Lake Country Gala Honorary Chairperson Patrick Sims, MD for starring in the video.

Please consider a gift to Aurora Health Care Foundation to benefit SimBaby. Your gift will help newborns in our community. Click here to donate now. 

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