Thankful to have her husband by her side, Gwen wants to “pay it forward”

Pg. 4- Peter and Gwen-2In October of 2014, Peter Faust felt something “ripping” in his chest and his wife Gwen called 911. First responders took him to Aurora Lakeland Medical Center in Elkhorn where staff knew right away it was serious. They called Flight for Life to transport him to Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center in Milwaukee.

Peter ended up having what’s called an “aortic dissection” and was told only 10% of patients usually survive! Well Peter is one of the rare 10% and he and Gwen are incredibly grateful for the staff at both hospitals. In fact, Gwen is so thankful that she wants to return the favor. She joined the Benefit Ball Committee, which raises money every year for programs at Aurora Lakeland Medical Center.

“It was Aurora down the line, from the Emergency Department at Aurora Lakeland to Aurora St. Luke’s; I wouldn’t have my husband without them. I hope I can make a meaningful contribution,” says Gwen.

Blog logo (2b)Thank you Gwen for your willingness to “pay it forward” and help others in your community! Support for Aurora Health Care Foundation comes in many forms. To learn ways you can make a difference, go to our “Ways to Give” page on

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