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When healing comes with bold colors and a brush stroke

“It’s basically life changing, to put it mildly.” Strong words, coming from Greta who is a sexual assault survivor, to describe the impact of an art therapy project happening at The Healing Center. The initial concept and sketch for the … Continue reading

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You can enhance the cancer care that Maureen describes as “so impressive”

“Hearing the word ‘cancer’, that’s never easy,” explains Maureen, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2015. Thanks to her yearly mammogram it was caught early, but Maureen says that doesn’t do a lot to ease the fear, “A … Continue reading

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How The Healing Center helped Cecilia speak her truth, in Spanish

Learning how to heal from deep, traumatizing childhood wounds can take years, even a lifetime. For Cecilia, she had a scar so deep, she hadn’t spoken it to anyone. Not ever. It took a relationship as an adult, that was … Continue reading

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Paying it forward, thanks to an Angel

Roberto is proud to say he’s been sober from alcohol and drugs for the past six years. And he credits the life-changing decision to become sober to his son, Jose Angel. “When you look into those eyes, there’s that connection … Continue reading

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Bringing the Milwaukee community together to fight sexual assault

Some of Milwaukee’s most experienced professionals in the field of sexual assault are coming together to share ideas and improve the city’s overall abuse response systems. Modeled after the Milwaukee Homicide Review, it’s called the Milwaukee Sexual Assault Review, or … Continue reading

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In Karen’s words: What makes Aurora Medical Center in Washington County so special

In May 1994, my graduation from nursing school was exciting but sprinkled with sadness and uncertainty.  In nursing school, graduation is honored during a pinning ceremony where another nurse applies a pin to celebrate the continuation of the profession. I … Continue reading

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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Support the health system that cares

Aurora Health Care truly cares about survivors of sexual assault. It is committed to not only treating injuries and providing compassionate care, but helping connect survivors to important community resources and providing counseling and therapy so they can begin the … Continue reading

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