You can help patients like Liz achieve greater comfort during cancer treatment


Even as “terrible as cancer can be,” Liz found the atmosphere at Aurora Cancer Care “always positive and hopeful.”

Liz was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2014 after having her first mammogram in 30 years. “I had been putting it off for all those years because after having the first one I just never wanted to go back for another one,” she says, “even knowing the risks involved in not having one.”

Still, Liz was surprised when she was asked to wait for the radiologist, who told her that her left breast would need a CT scan. She was diagnosed with breast cancer.

“From that moment on I felt I was treated with great compassion and respect,” she reports. From her cancer nurse navigator to the registration staff at the desk, Liz felt at home during her treatment.

In fact, this comfort helped Liz both physically and emotionally.

“This may sound a little odd but as I got into the routine of coming in for the chemo treatments I actually started looking forward to it,” Liz says. “I got to go into a friendly office and room filled with comfortable recliner chairs,” she said. “I was offered homemade treats brought in by fellow patients, and there was always someone else there I had something in common with.”
live-well-oshkosh-graphic-369x269You can help patients like Liz achieve the same sort of comfort, respite and support when you attend our 3rd Annual Live Well Oshkosh. We’re raising funds to bring more supportive therapies to Aurora Cancer Care in Oshkosh, like art therapy, reiki and treatments in the Healing Garden. While the clinic already provides patients with much supportive care with its aromatherapy and massage therapy services, these additional therapies will help patients feel even more physical and emotional comfort during the rigors of cancer treatment.

All proceeds from Live Well Oshkosh will stay local and help Aurora Cancer Care patients in the Oshkosh area. For more information, including how to donate and reserve your seat, CLICK HERE to get started.


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