Why help Family to Family Thanksgiving? Just ask Yvonne.

Yvonne Dixon and grandchildrenHow can your donation make a difference this Thanksgiving?

Just ask Yvonne Dixson of Milwaukee. Her grandchildren depend on her and she shared that money is tight.

When Yvonne and her five grandchildren came together to pick up their groceries at last year Family to Family event, she was overjoyed.

“It’s wonderful,” said Yvonne. “It allows us to have a real Thanksgiving together.”

yvonnes-grandchildren“When people are facing challenging times, they’re often times stressed, and shopping for a holiday meal may be one of the last things they have time or money to do,” said Jane Pirsig-Anderson of Aurora Family Service. “That’s why for 20 years, more families have turned to Aurora Family Service to help provide the groceries for a holiday meal, so they don’t have to worry about getting the ingredients and can focus more on celebrating being together as a family… being able to make a holiday meal together and strengthening family bonds.”

You can help strengthen family traditions and bring more families together this Thanksgiving over a holiday meal when you donate to Family to Family Thanksgiving. Make a gift of any size and you can help families in our community come together. Visit give.aurora.org/thanksgiving.

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