You can help support ‘Next Generation Medicine’ like TAVR

When you think of Aurora Health Care and Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center, you quickly think of its world-class care, including its renowned cardiovascular services. People come to Aurora from around the world to receive their heart care right here at Aurora.

On Dec. 8, Aurora St. Luke’s reached a major milestone that few heart centers in the nation have achieved: its 1,000th transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) procedure.


Members of the Aurora St. Luke’s TAVR team, including Dr. Tanvir Bajwa, right.

On an average week, the Milwaukee-based hospital performs eight to 10 TAVR procedures, during which doctors feed a new aortic valve to the heart through an artery. This less invasive approach to valve replacement has been shown to reduce length of stay in the hospital, allowing recipients to get back to their routines within days.

The procedure, which aids patients suffering from a narrowing of their aortic valve called stenosis, was performed by Drs. Daniel O’Hair and Tanvir Bajwa.


Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon Dr. Daniel O’ Hair.

“The most exciting part of translational research is to watch it happen,” said Randall Lambrecht, PhD, president of Aurora Research Institute. “Drs. Bajwa and O’Hair are two of the most talented surgical cardiologists pioneering this investigative technique to a state-of-the-art clinical innovation. Expert heart care physicians like this is why Aurora St. Luke’s is where ‘Next Generation Medicine’ lives.”

The Aurora Health Care Foundation is proud to help make next-generation medicine like TAVR accessible to everyone by supporting Aurora’s cardiovascular services programs.

You can help, too! To learn more, contact Rhonda Plotkin at 414-649-6793, email, or CLICK HERE to make your gift online.

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