A cause to celebrate: Beth’s story and the N.E.W. Community Clinic in Green Bay

“I started a successful career in my 20s. I had everything I needed, and for so long.” That’s Beth*, a 60-year-old board member – and client – of the N.E.W. Community Clinic in Brown County.

“But one day, all of that changed. I was unemployed. I became sick and physically weak. And I had no insurance.”

Her story is like so many of who depend on the clinic for health care help. A bump in the road here and there, and life is great…until one day, when it isn’t. “Anyone suddenly forced to depend heavily on others will understand how hard this was for me,” she said. “I felt people thought of me as a low-life.”

Having depleted her resources, Beth moved in with her oldest son and his wife. In spite of their support her condition worsened. “We thought it was due to stress – my worries about a bleak future,” Beth said. “But then, on the bus where I would feel so low, a kind soul told me about something that would change my life for the better.”

N.E.W. Clinic, new life

What that kind soul on the bus told Beth about was the N.E.W. Clinic. The clinic, which is a Well Community partner of Aurora BayCare Medical Center, helps low-income and uninsured people access quality, comprehensive and compassionate health care in the greater Green Bay community.

This was enormous for Beth, who struggled with feeling like “less of a person.” “My doctor and I discussed medical probabilities together. I never felt rushed,” Beth said. “The best part is that the staff and volunteers treated me with the utmost respect, like a colleague.”

Kind, compassionate care

The N.E.W. Community Clinic is not a place where you’re seen by a doctor or dentist, then simply sent on your way. The clinic helps clients access the resources they need to live well when new challenges arise.

“The clinic helped me find a new apartment I could afford with my resources,” Beth said. But soon after, she slipped on the ice – twice – resulting in a traumatic brain injury each time. The N.E.W. Community Clinic was there for her then, too. “The clinic was readily available for me, helping me again with my care and connecting me with the resources I’d need to keep living independently.”

Cause to celebrate 369 x 269How you can help people like Beth

When you attend or donate to Cause to Celebrate, which benefits the N.E.W. Community Clinic in Brown County, you help ensure access to care for people like Beth, who have no other health care options.

“N.E.W made me feel worthy when I didn’t. The great thing about the N.E.W. Community Clinic is that it believes no one should feel that way, no matter how they get to the clinic,” Beth said. “I remain truly awestruck by the place and the people.”

Click here to join us at the 2017 Cause to Celebrate on Saturday, April 22, or to make a donation to support the N.E.W. Community Clinic.

*Name changed for privacy

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