Aurora’s commitment to abuse survivors is growing and YOU helped make it happen

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Thanks to generous donors and supportive organizations committed to strengthening Aurora’s abuse response programs, Aurora Health Care has been able to realign services in the Milwaukee area to better serve survivors of assault from the point of crisis through life-long recovery.

For many years, our community has seen a lack of a comprehensive sexual assault response center in Milwaukee, like those found in other major cities that provide advocacy, follow-up counseling, hotline support and educational services. In Milwaukee, the Sexual Assault Treatment Center and The Healing Center have provided counseling, hotline services and forensic nurse examiner services, but have had limited funding for advocacy.

That changed, thanks to a special Victims of Crime Act grant from the Wisconsin Department of Justice, which provided more than $740,000 to build a new survivors advocate program, expand capacity for Aurora’s crisis hotline, and expand advocacy and counseling services. The advocate program will provide 24/7 on-site initial crisis intervention, medical and police accompaniment, support through the healing process, personal and legal issues and referrals to appropriate services.

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As a result, Aurora has renamed it’s comprehensive sexual assault response programs in the  Milwaukee area as Aurora Healing and Advocacy Services  – which brings together The Healing Center at Bruce Street, Sexual Assault Treatment Center and Safe Mom Safe Baby programs—both at Aurora Sinai Medical Center—and services at the Sojourner Family Peace Center. While the overarching name for these programs has changed, the services survivors count on will remain and in fact continue to grow.

Outside of Milwaukee, forensic nurse examiners are available at eight additional Aurora Medical Centers throughout eastern Wisconsin. These nurses provide forensic evaluations, connect victims of sexual assault to counseling services and assist victims with reporting the crime to police.

Each year Aurora sees 2,500 men, women and children across eastern Wisconsin from the point of crisis through life long recovery. Aurora is the largest health organization offering such services – and in some communities the only option – for survivors of sexual assault to being their healing journey.

So many of these programs rely on donor support, and you can make a difference.  Be a part of the Denim Day movement with a donation to support Aurora’s abuse response programs. Make a gift now at!

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