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How Stanley Kritzik helped turn an innovative idea into an amazing integrated health system

At this year’s Aurora Gala, we are excited to honor Stanley Kritzik for his lifetime of visionary leadership and dedication to Aurora Health Care. Stanley is a past chairman of the Aurora Health Care board of directors and the Aurora Sinai Medical Center board of directors. His strong and … Continue reading

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The healing journey: helping survivors of sexual assault in Oshkosh

Survivors of sexual assault need specialized and compassionate care to begin their healing journey. An environment that promotes a sense of calm can be helpful, too. “When patients come in, they’re in crisis from what’s happened to them – they’re … Continue reading

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Your support could help fund new therapies for cancer treatment

Cancer is a devastating disease. Not only does cancer research involve trying to find a cure, but it also involves trying to find new therapies that will not only extend the lives of patients, but offer them more options for … Continue reading

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Why media personality Carole Caine supports Aurora Zilber Family Hospice

“I grew up with Lori. I was 13 years old when I met her. I can still remember playing the BeeGees and Elton John in her bedroom. We did it over and over and over again. I’m sure we drove … Continue reading

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Lee’s amazing recovery could be a sign of what’s to come in cancer care

“The doctors at Aurora extended my life. Not only that, they also made it livable.” That wasn’t the case just a few years ago for Lee Pinkus, of Arkansas. In August 2011, he was diagnosed with nodular melanoma, the most … Continue reading

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Why Aurora’s patients truly are the research heroes

More than 170,000 Aurora patients have made their leftover biospecimens, including 70,000 whole blood, plasma and serum samples, available for research through the institute’s Biorepository and Specimen Research Center, or BSRC. Patients have also donated surgically removed tissue, such as … Continue reading

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Donors support new ways to treat tumors for testing

The 2017 Aurora Gala will celebrate and benefit the important research and innovation going on at Aurora Health Care. When you think of research, you probably think of scientists like Dr. Amber LaCrosse (pictured below) looking through a microscope. But … Continue reading

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