Expanding resources for assault survivors in the Milwaukee area

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A major milestone in Aurora Health Care’s abuse response programming was achieved in September with the opening of Aurora Healing and Advocacy Services at Aurora Sinai Medical Center in Milwaukee. It’s the first full-service program in Milwaukee for survivors of sexual and physical violence.

Aurora Healing and Advocacy Services provides trauma-informed care from immediate crisis intervention through life-long counseling. Immediate services can include forensic exams and assistance reporting a crime; advocates are available to offer support through the legal system; and counseling is offered through several Aurora Healing Center locations. CLICK HERE to learn more about the broad spectrum of care provided by Aurora Healing and Advocacy Services.

The new bathroom and shower space offers special enhancements, thanks to generous donors.

Part of the new space includes a bathroom and shower area that was designed to make survivors feel as welcomed as possible. Donors helped provide enhancements to the room that make it a comforting, private space. Each year, Boston Store donates hundreds of casual clothing items for survivors to wear when the clothes they arrive in are collected as evidence of rape or assault. Shampoo and toiletries have been donated by other supporters so that victims can feel just a little bit pampered when they shower for the first time after the trauma of their assault and the forensic exam.

Laura Kollatz, manager of the Aurora Healing Center at Sinai, shared the story of a teenaged girl who was provided care in the space, “One of our nurses gave her the bag of shower items and she just began to cry. The nurse asked why she was crying and she said ‘Because no one has ever given me a gift before.’”

Your gifts have helped make this possible and are providing comfort for women, men and children during an incredibly traumatic time. To learn what else you can do to support this effort, contact Cynthia Hosale at Cynthia.Hosale@aurora.org or make a gift online by CLICKING HERE.

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